Are you a busy parent trying to plan for an upcoming birthday party for your child? Trying to come up with ideas for a fun theme is hard. This article offers popular party themes for kids birthdays!  Its’s no secret that popular kids movies are a great place to start. There are usually plenty of party theme products available for the mainstream movies at your favorite stores such as Target, Walmart and others. Currently, the most popular themes include the following:

superhero birthday theme


Captain Marvel, The Hulk, Batman, Wonder Woman and many other superhero characters are wildly popular with kids and provide tons of options for getting creative in terms of decorations, games, food items and related birthday activities. One way to get kids more engaged is to provide masks or items related to different characters to kids so they can each be their own superhero at the party!

Lego birthday theme


Kids love LEGO’s and the success of the recent LEGO films proves it without a doubt. Provided that the children present at the party are old enough, having kids play with LEGO’s is a fun way to keep their attention focused and make the party manageable. The LEGO design also allows for some really wild cake decorations too!

star wars birthday theme

Star Wars

For kids that are a little older (10-13) planning a Star Wars party may make sense. There are hundreds of characters and activities that can be integrated to make a fun and entertaining event for older children. From Trivia to board games to watching one of the original classic movies, the options are endless!





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