Is the birthday of your little one drawing closer and yet you have not the slightest idea on how to make it look and feel special, given that we are all in quarantine? Though kiddie parties now may look different from what you’re used to, you can still make it exciting, fun, and memorable for your child and for the whole family! How? We’ve listed down a guide to help you out. Ready? Let the party planning begin!

Decide on a theme
The first step is to think of a theme that is both doable for you to execute and meaningful for your child to enjoy. It doesn’t need to be complicated or overly expensive to pull off because most of the time, simple concepts executed well are the most memorable ones!

Recycle home decors
Sourcing party decors might be challenging now since there are limited shops open, but don’t worry, we have options for you! Remember the sparkly garland you bought for Christmas last year? You can definitely make use of those for your daughter’s princess themed party! Do you have big boxes lying around the garage? You can turn those into DIY cars for your son’s celebration.

Order in or cook out!
If you can’t dine in your child’s favorite restaurant now, you can order food instead. Just make sure to inquire days in advance to make sure that the restaurant can accommodate your orders. If this is not an option for you, you can do a cookout in your own front yard or garage instead. Nothing beats home barbecue with the family, in my opinion! Which do you prefer?

Don't forget the party hats!
A birthday party is incomplete without party hats! You can order this online and have it delivered straight to your home. It’s also an option for you to make party hats as a family and make it one of the indoor party activities you can all enjoy. That’s one DIY activity ticked off your list!

Invite some guests
Though guests can’t celebrate with you physically, they can still join in the fun virtually. Send out invites at least a week before the party together with all the details they’ll need to know about the virtual birthday party. Some of which are: which platform will they use? How can they set it up? What time should they be online? What device should they be on? This can be your extra surprise to your son or daughter! Invite all of his/her friends to join the call, too, and of course, don’t forget grandma and grandpa.

Send out thank you treats!
Make your child’s birthday party memorable for your virtual guests, too! As a thank you for spending time with your family, you can prepare loot bags to send out to everyone who attended! Get their addresses and contact details in advance and book a courier to deliver your gifts. It will be an unexpected but beautiful surprise!

Say cheese
As you plan your child’s birthday party, assign someone from your family to take pictures to document the event. Though it may seem that a birthday celebration during quarantine is less special, it can even be more memorable for you and your family because you are all together enjoying at home, making do with what you have to make each other feel special. Besides, isn’t that the beauty of celebrating a birthday?