After the hectic holiday season, January can be a rough time of year to celebrate special occasions – especially a birthday.  It’s a fact that…

  • In January, more people are focused on themselves with new year resolutions, dieting or getting divorced.
  • Many have spent all their money and have not been paid yet.
  • There is high probability that January birthday gifts are unwanted, re-gifted holiday presents.
  • When it’s below freezing, it can be hard to get people go out for a party. It’s even harder to go out searching for thoughtful gift ideas.

Fortunately, Lifetime Wishes offers the perfect recipe to immediately end the dry, depressing January birthday blues.  It’s called the Home-made Video Birthday Wish – just mix together thoughtful communication with emotionally-intelligence, then sprinkle it with lots of love.

Video birthday wishes transcend January’s curse of empty wallets, cold weather, cancelled flights and icy roads while giving your loved one the gift of a lifetime – YOU.   In just 5 minutes or less, you can give a lifetime of your love that your loved one will cherish forever.  Recording a simple video message can make the coldest of January babies that much warmer and happier inside.  Plus, personalized Lifetime Wishes video greetings can be made within the comfort of your cozy home while wearing your cozy slippers and sitting by your cozy warm fireplace.

Here is how to make the best Lifetime Wishes, giving thoughtful sentiments for every occasion and life event:

Send a video greeting

If you’re not able to be there in person, a video is the next best thing. A video wish makes loved ones feel as if you are right there in the room with them. Sing happy birthday, read a greeting card or simply say I love you.  Schedule it to arrive first thing in the morning, so their birthday starts off with your loving touch.

Schedule yearly greetings in advance

If you want to show you how deeply you care, pre-record video greetings for their next 10 birthdays. Think of a string of ideas that will tie together each birthday, leaving them excited and eager to open your wish every year. They will genuinely appreciate your effort and thoughtfulness in planning ahead to ensure you will be there for every birthday. It’ll make their day that much more unforgettable.

Plan letters for the future

Let your love live on forever.  As a parent or grandparent, promise your kids or grandkids that they will keep receiving birthday wishes and letters from you, even after you’re gone.  Through Lifetime Wishes, you can quickly schedule decades of wishes in minutes.  You can edit each wish in your wish vault whenever you want.  We keep your wishes safe and secure for you, forever.

Create a birthday spectacle

If you want to take the birthday love one step farther,  record yourself, coworkers, friends or family singing and dancing.  You can upload the video and send it every year as a reminder of how special they are to so many people.

Don’t let January birthdays be dark and dreary! Thanks to technology paired with good old-fashioned heartfelt communication, you can fill everyone’s heart with thoughtful letters, cards, and videos today.  If you know a January baby, you now know exactly how to bust through their January birthday blues.